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Glee Recap: Nationals, Treasured


Raise your hand if you weren’t emotionally prepared for what went down on tonight’s installment of Glee. READ MORE & TAKE OUR POLL

The Voice Recap: Maybe Just One More Try?

The Voice - Season 6

Fun fact: The Bachelor: After the Final Rose is airing as I write this sentence. But as a reality TV recapper, I’m “here for the right reasons.” And that means I am obligated to ignore the fameosexual horror show/absurdist comedy unfolding over on ABC, and instead report on Episode 5 of The Voice‘s sixth season.

OK, yes, maybe the water cooler convo tomorrow will focus on …READ MORE & TAKE OUR POLL

The Good Wife Recap: Integrity Check

Parallel Construction, Bitches

Is there anything more fun than seeing the fire ignite behind Alicia Florrick’s eyes when she’s being underestimated by an opponent?

The midseason premiere of The Good Wife gives us one such “she is woman, hear her almost imperceptably growl” moment plus SO. MUCH. CRAZY. ACTION. (No, I’m not just talking about Kalinda and Cary dancing …READ MORE & GRADE THE EPISODE

American Idol Results Recap: Girls, Interrupted


Wait a second: When exactly did Fox start airing episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Thursday nights?

OK, yeah, I know I just got done watching the American Idol Top 12 results telecast, but Harry Connick Jr. threw so much damn shade at “tastemaker”/”mentor” Randy Jackson, I momentarily mistook him for a giant oak, mmmkay? READ MORE

American Idol Top 12 Performance Recap: Home Is Where the Art Is [Updated]


“Complete Honesty” (™ pending) infected the American Idol judging panel tonight in much the same way that backwards baseball caps (AKA Satan’s Prefered Haberdashery) infected the ranks of Season 13′s Top 12 contestants. (OK, only two singers wore ‘em on stage, and another two during rehearsal, but that’s still a terrifying enough ratio to alert the CDC.) READ MORE & TAKE POLL

The Voice Recap: Everybody Have Fun Tonight!

Audra McLaughlin the voice recap

Just when I start to think an episode of The Voice is getting as predictable as your average Bachelor nonsense — kiss, kiss, kiss, “right reasons,” cry, kiss, rose, elimination, repeat — producer Mark Burnett goes and throws us a curve ball.

Tonight’s installment of NBC’s singing competition focused largely on READ MORE & TAKE POLL

Glee Recap: It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right; It Takes Three to Make It Out of Sight

Glee Trio Recap

“I’m disturbed on every level,” seethed Sue Sylvester, enjoying one of her funniest episodes of Glee‘s fifth season. But, oh man, did “Trio” — an installment built around varying (and sometimes unexpected) character threesomes — make Sue’s repulsion understandable.

We had Schue and Emma getting it on in the McKinley High faculty bathroom (complete with …READ MORE & TAKE POLL

The Voice Recap: Land of the Losses [Updated]

The Voice - Season 6

They can’t all be winners.

That was the surprising take-home message on tonight’s installment of The Voice — a two-hour meh-fest during which an unprecedented ratio (9 out of 20) singers failed to get a single button push from the merry band of Season 6 coaches. Unfortunately, said message applied …READ MORE & TAKE POLL

Jim Parsons Hosts Saturday Night Live: Watch Video of the Best and Worst Sketches


“How long is this elevator ride?” Jim Parsons desperately asked, bringing to a close a wretched Saturday Night Live sketch about an executive trying (and failing) to hastily exit his office building while clutching a bag containing his soiled underwear.

Alas, that question could’ve applied to the Emmy winner’s overall experience hosting an episode of NBC’s sketch-comedy series that featured …READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & TAKE OUR POLL

American Idol Top 13 Results Recap: Exit Wounds


We interrupt this American Idol Top 13 results night recap to give a round of applause to the quiet hero of the Season 13 judges’ panel… …READ MORE