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Project Runway Season 9 Finale Recap: And the Winner Is…


It seemed like a bad sign that the Project Runway Season 9 finale started with a visit from Tim Gunn telling the final four designers that they were all getting the “tremendous gift” of $500 to spend at Mood and improve their collections in whatever way they saw fit. Translation: Somewhere in a dimly lit, jasmine-scented office at Marie Claire magazine, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors were still clutching their pearls, torturing their assistants, and …READ MORE

Project Runway Recap: Who Will Win It All?


Even in a sleepy, somewhat predictable episode of Project Runway, you can still find zany little surprises: Heidi Klum nearly absconding with one contestant’s particularly snazzy garment. Tim Gunn excitedly dropping the word “effing” (!) into a critique. Joshua displaying all the charm of a rabid badger cornered in the back of a dank, mildewy cave.

Oh, wait. …READ MORE

Project Runway Recap: And Then There Were 4…


We’ve reached the point in the Project Runway season where Nina Garcia has stopped firing insulting buckshot directly into contestants’ faces, choosing instead to slip them sweet and subtle poison. “That gown has a lot of potential,” she said to this week’s auf’d designer, leaving out her mental note that it would take a month in Badgley Mischka’s workshop to bring said potential to the surface. …READ MORE

Project Runway Recap: Fair Feathered Friends


When it comes to Project Runway, one day you’re in, the next day you’re out — and that mantra applies as unflinchingly to human contestants as it does to innocent birds.

Indeed, on this week’s episode, Tim Gunn …READ MORE

Project Runway Recap: Panic! At the Disco Era


Before we kick off this week’s Project Runway recap, let’s review a few fashion rules for the uninitiated, courtesy of Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, and Heidi Klum: …READ MORE

Project Runway: Two and a Half Menswear Outfits


Please tell me I’m not the only person who absolutely dreads Project Runway‘s once-a-season foray into the world of menswear. I mean, seriously, if I wanted to see basic jeans and Western-cut shirts, I could make a quick stroll to Target or The Gap or probably even BJ’s Wholesale Club. …READ MORE

Project Runway Recap: Boobie Trapped


The only thing worse than a woman with breasts is one with opinions. I mean, why can’t they just do what God intended and perform their functions as mute, boyishly proportioned coat hangers? Yes, folks, that about sums up the alarming philosophy espoused by …READ MORE

Project Runway Recap: Clocked Out


A word of warning to all future Project Runway contestants: Make a bland, dumpy skirt once, shame on you. Make a bland, dumpy skirt twice, extra shame on you. Make a bland, dumpy skirt three times, then prepare to be air-kissed by Heidi Klum, because you’re totally getting auf’d.

That was the harsh truth learned this week by …READ MORE

TVLine Items: USA Sneak Peeks Psych Premiere, ABC Comedy Hosts Lost Reunion, and More


Psych fans will be psyched to hear this: In honor of the comedy’s upcoming sixth season, USA Network is hosting a Fan Appreciation Day that will feature …READ MORE

Project Runway Recap: Harried, With Children


This week’s Project Runway — in which our intrepid designers paired up with students from the Harlem School of the Arts to create paintings that would inspire their avant-garde designs — was filled with wisdom from the mouths of babes: …READ MORE