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Project Runway All-Stars Season Finale Recap: And the Winner Is… [Updated]


I’m pretty certain there was heated disagreement among the five judges. (Was it possible Isaac Mizrahi was kicking Tommy Hilfiger’s shins just below camera range?) And honestly, any of the three remaining finalists could’ve/should’ve won — depending on what parameters were being considered. But whatever the case, we’ve finally got a winner in the long, not-as-fun-as-it-sounded-on-paper season of Project Runway All-Stars (alternate title, …READ MORE

Project Runway All-Stars Recap: Rushin' Dresses

michael costello

Mondo whipped himself into an epically foul mood on Part 1 of the Project Runway All-Stars season finale, and I can kinda understand why. Whereas Project Runway Regular Edition gives its finalists more than a month — and a sweet budget — to concoct their full collections, host Angela Lindvall delivered the bad news that …READ MORE

Project Runway All-Stars Final 4 Recap: Manufacturer's Hangover

project runway all stars final 4

This week’s Project Runway All-Stars (or, as I like to call it, Project Runway Seeks Redemption from the Travesty of Mondo’s Loss to Gretchen in Season 8) presented the Final 4 with an intriguing challenge:

Project Runway All-Stars Recap: Did the Right Designer Get the Boot This Week?


And just like that, we’re down to the Final 4. Thursday night’s episode whittled down the field with a peculiar/interesting but ultimately not-very-rewarding challenge: …READ MORE

Project Runway All-Stars Recap: Who Should Make the Final 3?


Thanks to a long and winding American Idol episode last night, I’m a little late to my Project Runway recapping party, so I’ll keep this to three very important thoughts: …READ MORE

Project Runway All-Stars Recap: Seasonal Subjective Disorder


I’m going to come out and say it: Project Runway (regular and All-Stars) needs to send the Fashion Faceoff to the same dumpster that’s currently housing acid-washed denim, the 8-ball jacket, and anything ever worn by Randy Jackson on American Idol.

I understand that, on paper at least, when you’re down to eight designers, it’s got to be tempting to …READ MORE

Project Runway All-Stars Recap: Muse It or Lose It


As Tim Gunn might say, I’m feeling vexed and a little bit dubious about the conundrum that was this week’s Project Runway All-Stars. On one hand, the designer responsible for the season’s most atrocious outfit didn’t even land in the Bottom 2, and yet I can’t honestly argue with the judges’ choice for elimination. Alas, though, the latter contestant also happened to be …READ MORE

Project Runway All-Stars Recap: I Cant(aloupe) Believe It's Not Ice Cream!


This is a man’s world, or so James Brown once told us. And that 1966 lyric certainly seems apt in the current season of Project Runway All-Stars, where the judging tally after four episodes is as follows: …READ MORE

Project Runway All-Stars Recap: The Days of Swine and Poses


This week’s episode of Project Runway All-Stars was like a jaunty party balloon that never got fully inflated. The 11 remaining designers were tasked with creating flamboyant movie-premiere dresses for the legendary Miss Piggy, but while the assignment sounded like a hoot and a holler on paper, the one-day challenge ended up yielding …READ MORE

Project Runway All-Stars: Send in the Gowns


Fashion commandments were broken as blithely as Kardashian wedding vows on this week’s Project Runway All-Stars: Thou shalt not take the name of courture in vain. Honor thy Badgley and thy Mischka. Thou shall not commit …READ MORE