KaDee Strickland Opens Up About the End of Private Practice, Mulls Pregnant Charlotte's Coda

In a way, it is incumbent upon Private Practice‘s Charlotte to keep the circle of life going by giving birth to her triplets just as the ABC drama concludes its run with, as has been announced, the 13th episode of this season. But now that there’s a “hard stop” in place, will she deliver in time or be left to gestate in perpetuity? READ Q&A

Private Practice Recap: Highs and Lows

Private Practice celebrated 100 episodes with a celebration of the life of Dr. Pete Wilder, as dictated by a request left in his will.

And while wife-turned-widow Violet put her best game face on as she and Addison hosted a colorful Bali funeral-style “party” (complete with Chekhov’s karaoke machine), with each  patient of Pete’s that she heard from it was clear that she was feeling something quite different under the surface. But when would she snap? READ MORE