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The Killing Post-Mortem: Peter Sarsgaard on Ray's 'Cosmic' Guilt, 'Flawed' Sense of Heroism — Plus: The Scene That Made Him 'Black Out'

The Killing Peter Sarsgaard

WARNING: If you have yet to watch tonight’s installment of The Killing, back away from this URL and head to a different TVLine story. Everybody else, proceed freely!

Just when you think The Killing can’t get any more harrowing, along comes “Six Minutes,” a stark, meditative episode focusing on …READ MORE

The Killing's Peter Sarsgaard Previews a Seward-Linden Showdown as the Execution Clock Ticks

Peter Sarsgaard The Killing

The journey of death-row inmate Ray Seward (Peter Sarsgaard) on Season 3 of The Killing has been peppered with difficult questions: Did he really murder his wife? If not, then why hasn’t he been more forthcoming about it — and who actually dunnit? And, with the clock running down toward Ray’s execution date, can Detectives Linden and Holder …READ MORE

Performer of the Week: Peter Sarsgaard

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THE PERFORMER | Peter Sarsgaard

THE SHOW | The Killing

THE EPISODE | “Eminent Domain” READ MORE

Scoop: Peter Sarsgaard Joins The Killing

peter sarsgaard the killing season 3

The Killing‘s Season 3 cast continues to take shape.

Peter Sarsgaard (An Education, Kinsey) is set to tackle his first recurring TV role in AMC’s dark crime drama, playing …READ MORE