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Parenthood - Season 5

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Game of Thrones' Pedro Pascal on Oberyn's 'Punk Rock' Entrance: 'He Doesn't Waste Any Time'


Watch out, King’s Landing: The Red Viper is poised to strike.

Oberyn Martell makes his Game of Thrones debut in the HBO drama’s Season 4 premiere (Sunday at 9/8c), and the Dornish prince with the reptilian nickname “doesn’t waste any time” – star Pedro Pascal‘s words – putting the Lannisters on notice. READ MORE

Exclusive: The Mentalist Casts Graceland Actor as Lisbon's New Beau

The Mentalist Lisbon Boyfriend

The Mentalist sees possible romance on the horizon for one Teresa Lisbon. READ MORE

Game of Thrones Wrangles Graceland Actor as Season 4′s Cunning Red Viper


A ticked-off Dornish prince is on his way to King’s Landing.

Game of Thrones has cast Pedro Pascal as Oberyn Martell — aka The Red Viper — who’ll make his first appearance in the HBO fantasy drama’s upcoming fourth season. READ MORE

Brothers & Sisters Scoop: Good Wife Actor In, Patricia Wettig Out


Brothers & Sisters giveth, and Brothers & Sisters taketh away. Let’s start with the taketh away part… …READ MORE