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Downton Abbey Finale Recap: The Rose Bowl


In this week’s Downton Abbey — sadly, the last of the season — Rose finally has her coming out. But neither the formalwear and waltzing nor even a cameo by the Prince of Wales can distract from the resolutions of the “Did Bates murder Green?” mystery and the “What will Edith do about her baby?” dilemma. And, frankly, everything — and I do mean everything — pales in comparison to …READ MORE

Downton Abbey Recap: In Recent Proposals


This week’s Downton Abbey is so full of romance that not one but two proposals are left to occur off screen! (And it isn’t even a Valentine’s Day special!) Who pops the question, and who gets their bubble burst? Read on. READ MORE

Downton Abbey Recap: Down and Dirty


In this week’s Downton Abbey, Mary and Charles begin to see each other in a new light. Not coincidentally, they also see each other covered in mud. (More on that later… ) Of course, this turn of events means that Tony must be returning in 3, 2… Ah, there he is! Read on for all the sloppy details! READ MORE

Sherlock Season 3 Finale Recap: Shot Near the Heart, and You're to Blame


Where does one even begin a discussion of Sherlock‘s Season 3 finale?

With our intrepid detective’s lip-lockin’, bathroom-gigglin’ encounters involving a certain plucky bridesmaid? With Mycroft’s heartfelt show of emotion for brother dearest? With Molly’s absolutely brutal (and seriously pissed-off) triple face-slap … READ MORE & TAKE OUR POLL

Downton Abbey Recap: Party Favors


On this week’s Downton Abbey, Rose arranges a surprise for Robert’s birthday bash, but it’s Mary who gets the real shock when she walks in on… Well, keep reading. I’ll tell you in a bit. READ MORE

Performer of the Week: Benedict Cumberbatch

benedict cumberbatch sherlock

A weekly feature in which we spotlight shining stars

THE PERFORMER | Benedict Cumberbatch

THE SHOW | Sherlock

THE EPISODE | “The Sign of Three”


Sherlock Recap: Toast With the Most


Giving a best-man toast at a wedding is no easy task, but it’s especially hard when you’re a misanthropic detective with an “international reputation” — and one of the happy couple’s honored guests is being targeted by a murderer.

That was exactly the dilemma faced by our titular hero  …READ MORE

Downton Abbey Recap: Truth or Consequences


In this week’s Downton Abbey, Mrs. Hughes does everything she can think of to ease Bates and Anna’s suffering, from exaggerating about the lady’s maid’s busy schedule to beseeching the rape victim to come clean with her husband. READ MORE

Performer of the Week: Sherlock's Martin Freeman


A weekly feature in which we spotlight shining stars

THE PERFORMER | Martin Freeman

THE SHOW | Sherlock

THE EPISODE | “The Empty Hearse”