Finding Primetime Jobs for Daytime Stars: The Women of One Life to Live

As “soaps savior” Prospect Park gets to wheeling and dealing with the cast members and assorted unions attached to All My Children and One Life to Live, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that the eventual online iterations of either ABC serial will be able to retain their full ensembles. Thus, TVLine is moving forward with presenting our dream primetime roles for a few fan favorites. REVIEW OUR PROPOSALS

Cliffhanger! ABC Soaps' Salvation Hits a Snag

Previously, on “As ABC Daytime Turns”: Dr. Brian Frons declared that All My Children and One Life to Live, each presenting with declining vitals, only had months to live. What’s more, he not-so-secretly planned to replace the two with imposters known as The Chew and The Revolution. But unknown to anyone, somewhere in a hi-tech compound, an organization known as Prospect Park was hatching a daring plan to help AMC and OLTL cheat death, by way of something called “online streaming.” Can the two faves actually survive their proverbial tumble down Miller’s Falls? Our story continues…. READ MORE