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The Sing-Off Episode 2: Who Was Your Fave?


You’ve got to hand it to Ben Folds, Sara Bareilles, and Shawn Stockman: Where most reality-show judges wouldn’t be able to resist the backstory potential of a group of Liberian refugees living in Minnesota or a high-school glee club from small town Oregon, The Sing-Off‘s panelists …READ MORE

Sing-Off Season Premiere: Who Was Your Fave?


Thanks to Monday’s action-packed TV schedule — check out my colleague Matt Webb Mitovich’s rundown on the night’s ratings here — I had to push off the Season 3 premiere of NBC’s The Sing-Off till my Tuesday afternoon lunch break. (Anyone else have this dilemma?)

Eight of this year’s 16 a capella acts …READ MORE

TVLine Items: True Bloody Fast Series Recap, Thrones' Big Finale, Bieber Is Funny, and More


Are you dying to jump on the True Blood bandwagon, but too far behind to catch up on all three seasons before this Sunday’s premiere? HBO has got you covered …READ MORE