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Cougar Town Boss Flattered Not Offended By Community Tribute: 'No One's Taking Digs at Us'


Cougar Town fans will be happy to know that last night’s episode of Communityfilled to the brim with shout-outs to the ABC laughfest — did not go unnoticed by the Cul-de-sac Crew. In fact, C-Town exec producer Bill Lawrence hints to TVLine that a friendly retaliatory strike is less a question of if than when. …READ MORE

Community Producer: NBC Was 'Very Cool' About This Week's Cougar Town Lovefest


The Community-Cougar Town mutual admiration society was taken to a whole new level Thursday when NBC’s genre-bending sitcom once again broke convention and gave a shout-out — make that 12! — to its ABC counterpart. Which begs the question: How in the world did Community‘s Powers That Be get this cross-network lovefest past the Peacock bigwigs? READ MORE