Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on True Blood, Criminal Minds, Revenge, Psych, Nashville and More

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Question: Do you have any news on the storylines or new characters of True Blood Season 7? —Tom
Ausiello: Lafayette’s getting a new boyfriend — and a serious one at that. After spending much of Season 6 in the shadows …READ MORE & GET SPOILED

Nashville Recap: Me Against the Music Company

Scarlett O’Connor, you are a lovely girl. You’re talented. You’re smart. You have some heavy Nashville hitters pulling for you. You’ve shown you have more than a passing interest in a career in the music business. So please accept this advice in the spirit in which it is given: Toughen the heck up, buttercup – and stay that way. READ MORE

Nashville Recap: This Kiss, This Kiss?

What you should remember about this week’s Nashville: Juliette strikes a blow for female artists’ rights, Deacon makes significant progress in redefining both his career and his relationship with his daughter, Teddy officially makes the worst decision of his life, and Luke and Rayna get a little aw-yeah going on all over his sprawling estate.

What you will remember about this week’s Nashville …READ MORE