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Quotes of the Week: Best Zingers From Nashville, New Girl, Revolution, Supernatural, Glee and More


It’s Sunday, which probably means you’re binge-watching TV in an effort to relieve your overloaded DVR.

If you need a quick break, why not dive into our regular Sunday feature, Quotes of the Week, packed with the best one-liners from the small screen over the last eight days. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

Nashville Recap: This Kiss, This Kiss?

Nashville Season 2 Recap

What you should remember about this week’s Nashville: Juliette strikes a blow for female artists’ rights, Deacon makes significant progress in redefining both his career and his relationship with his daughter, Teddy officially makes the worst decision of his life, and Luke and Rayna get a little aw-yeah going on all over his sprawling estate.

What you will remember about this week’s Nashville …READ MORE

Nashville's Charles Esten on Deacon's Return From Rock Bottom, Thoughts on Rayna/Luke


There’s not much in life compelling enough to lure Nashville‘s Deacon, hand injured and spirit bruised, back behind a guitar.

Indeed, ever since the Season 1 finale car crash that left him impaired — and Rayna in a coma — the former band leader has barely touched the instrument that made him famous.

But in this week’s episode …READ MORE

Exclusive Nashville Video: Juliette and Her Married Man Get Down in Her Dressing Room

Nashville Season 2 Spoilers Video Juliette Charlie Sex

There are many, many hot things Charlie Bewley’s Charles Wentworth does in this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s Nashville (ABC, 10/9c). Let’s list them. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Spoiler Alert!: Bold Scandal, Nashville, Mentalist Predictions! Plus — Arrow, Sleepy Scoop


Steer clear of this week’s Spoiler Alert! if you do not want to know A) Which couple will be getting engaged in Scandal‘s Season 3 finale, B) The identity of Red John on The Mentalist, and C) Who’s dying in Nashville‘s fall finale. READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED

Nashville Recap: Just Horsin' Around


Juliette puts the “low” in polo during this week’s Nashville, when the fickle little filly attends a match and can’t keep her hooves off another woman’s stallion. Elsewhere, Zoey reaps the rewards of being very direct, Scarlett’s future is sealed with a kiss and Rayna wears a really big hat. READ MORE

Exclusive Nashville Sneak Peek: Juliette's Hot, British Past Comes Back to Haunt Her

Nashville Season 2 Spoilers Juliette Charlie Polo

C’mon now, Juliette — you didn’t really think Charlie was going to stay put in Maryland when he knows you’re a short hop away in Nashville, did you? READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Nashville Recap: Rayna's Back, Y’all!

Nashville Season 2 Recap

Rayna finds her voice in this week’s Nashville, but she may come to regret using it so forcefully against her boss – especially when other events transpire that make it likely she’ll be an Edgehill artist ‘til she dies. Elsewhere, Juliette gets into a very exclusive club, Zoey breaks a cardinal BFF rule and Will grows a beard. READ MORE

Nashville Recap: The Incredible Sulk


Maddie’s extended bout of the Terrible Teens comes to a finish on this week’s Nashville, and the end of that pouting, fresh-mouthed spot of bother is a true relief.

While I think Maddie’s sulkiness is understandable, considering what’s happened in her life as of late, I’m glad it’s done; few people want to …READ MORE

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Bones, Walking Dead, Nashville, NCIS: LA, Sleepy Hollow and More


Got a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Send any/all of the above to

Question: I would welcome a good scoop on The Walking Dead. —Travis
Ausiello: The midseason premiere is going to be a big episode for Chandler Riggs, according to his TV dad Andrew Lincoln. “[Carl] does something …READ MORE & GET SPOILED