Exclusive Mindy Project Video: Timothy Olyphant Makes His Debut - and Makes Out With Dr. L!

Another day, another sexy new suitor for Mindy Lahiri.

Justified fave Timothy Olyphant will grace The Mindy Project with his presence next Tuesday, Nov. 5 (Fox, 9:30/8:30c), and we have your exclusive first look at his meet-cute with Mindy Kaling‘s Big L Dr. L. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Exclusive Video: Mindy Project Cast Reveals Dating Musts (Non-Avengers Need Not Apply)

At the center of Fox’s new fall comedy The Mindy Project is a lovelorn leading lady dreaming of the day her very own rom-com prince will sweep her off her feet. In real life, however, Mindy Kaling‘s — as well as her co-stars’ — dating musts are much more realistic …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO