Killing Star Mireille Enos Defends Controversial Finale: 'It Was Really Smart Storytelling'

Not everyone’s grumbling about the lack of closure in the season finale of The Killing. Leading lady Mireille Enos (Sarah) brushed off the backlash to Sunday’s Season 1 send-off, which concluded without Rosie Larsen’s real killer being identified. READ MORE

Killer Killing Scoop: Could Mitch's Sister Be Involved In Rosie Larsen's Murder?

I have a killer theory: Somehow, someway The Killing‘s Aunt Terry (played by Jamie Anne Allman) is involved in the murder mystery surrounding her late niece Rosie Larsen.

I’ve been nursing this idea for a few weeks now, and while I won’t go so far as to say the supportive family member ended Rosie’s life herself, I definitely think she knows something — and that the something I speak of needs to come out soon.

Ever the sleuth, I ran my theory by Michelle Forbes (Mitch) …READ MORE


True Blood's Michelle Forbes on Killer New Role: 'I Don't Know What I Was Thinking'

Since she’s played everything from good and evil twins (on Guiding Light) to a sci-fi admiral (on Battlestar Galactica), you’d be forgiven if you thought that by now, you’d seen Michelle Forbes do it all. But danged if she isn’t wowing us anew in her latest role, that of Mitch, the grieving mother on AMC’s dark, addictive and brilliant The Killing (Sunday, 9/8c). How does she do it? And, more to the point, why? TVLine chatted up the actress to find out. …READ MORE