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Pilot News: Glee's Max Adler Cast In Shawn Ryan's Last Resort Drama for ABC


Glee‘s Max Adler has boarded Shawn Ryan’s submarine-themed ABC drama pilot Last Resort — but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve seen the last of Karofsky.

Adler, who has recurred on Glee since Season 1, will appear as a guest star in the pilot …READ MORE

Glee Post Mortem: Max Adler on Life After [Spoiler] and a Possible Kurt/Karofsky Romance


If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s episode of Glee, hit the nearest exit at once. Everyone else, continue reading…

Glee officially turned the tables on Kurt’s ex-tormentor Karofsky this week when the bully became the victim — a reversal that had near-fatal consequences when Max Adler‘s closeted alter ego …READ MORE

Glee's Chris Colfer on Kurt and Blaine's 'First Time,' Showing Skin and Romance With Karofsky

Chris Colfer previews Kurt and Blaine's "First Time" and explains why he supports the idea of a Kurt/Karofsky romance READ MORE

Glee in Season 3: How Much of Dave Karofsky Do You Want to See?


The frantic and unexpected kiss that football-playing bully Dave Karofsky planted on Kurt Hummel was arguably the most startling moment of Glee‘s second season. But while Max Adler‘s performance as the homophobic bully with a conflicted core was undeniably powerful, there hasn’t been much advance intel about …READ MORE AND VOTE

TVLine Items: Glee Exec Snuffs Suicide Talk, X Factor Eyes Mariah, and More News to Know


Gasp! Is Glee planning to off McKinley High’s big bad bully? …READ MORE