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Exclusive NCIS First Look: Gah-th! Abby, McGee… and [Spoiler] Makes Three

Fall TV Preview
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

When CBS’ NCIS opens Season 11 on Sept. 24, it won’t just be the viewers of TV’s most watched drama laying their eyes on McGee’s new girlfriend for the first time. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTO

NCIS Exclusive: Big Bang Brainiac Cast as McGee's Girlfriend

Fall TV Preview
NCIS Season 11 Cast MeGee Girlfriend

Leonard Hofstadter’s loss is NCIS agent Timothy McGee’s gain. READ MORE

Big Bang Theory Boss Confirms: Bent Bad Girl Is Leonard's New Romantic Interest


The Big Bang Theory‘s Penny might want to truly revisit her feelings for Leonard and quick, because a bad girl from NBC’s Bent is about to enter the scientist’s orbit. READ MORE