NBC Cancels Love Bites: Have TV Viewers Officially Broken Up with Anthology Series?

The final episode of Love Bites will air this Thursday, at 10/9c, thus completing the midseason series’ run… forever, an NBC spokesperson has told The Hollywood Reporter.

That NBC is pulling the plug on the romantic-comedy anthology series comes as almost no surprise, given the relentless crucible it endured to even make it on air, to then only muster the slightest of ratings. (Series lead Becki Newton, though, adopted an “anything can happen” attitude about renewal when we spoke to her at the time of the oft-delayed premiere.)

But I’m wondering if this confirms that anthology series as a whole … READ MORE

Becki Newton on Life Beyond Love Bites -- and 'Harassing' Michael Urie for an Ugly Reunion!

As much as we dig NBC’s rom-com anthology Love Bites, it’s time to face the facts: The romance isn’t destined to last beyond summer’s end. There’s been no official announcement, of course, but ratings are anemic, and odds are slim to none that NBC will extend the show’s run past its original nine-episode order.

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Becki Newton on NBC's Long-Delayed Love Bites: 'I'm Happy People Will Finally See It'

Seemingly forever-shelved (and waylaid by backstage drama) for more than 12 months, NBC’s Love Bites — a rom-com anthology series starring Ugly Betty‘s beloved Becki Newton, Heroes‘ charmer Greg Grunberg, and Entourage femme Constance Zimmer — is finally making its debut, this Thursday at 10/9c.

After such a lengthy delay, there has to be something wrong with Bites, right? Actually, not really. In fact, I’m pretty smitten with this bit of summer fare — and I’m not alone. Newton is thrilled that the show is finally seeing the light of day, and believes “anything can happen” when it comes to the longevity of this Love. READ MORE