Vampire Diaries @ Comic-Con: Will Elena Thwart 'Steroline'? Plus: Alaric (Finally) Gets Some!

The early part of The Vampire Diaries‘ sixth season will be Rated G… for Grief.

Having lost her boyfriend – and her close friend Bonnie – Elena (as well as her pals) will still be feeling the sting of loss when the CW drama undergoes a four-month time jump following its devastating Season 5 finale. READ MORE

Post Mortems

Post Mortem: Vampire Diaries Boss on the Bonnie/Damon 'Mystery,' Alaric's Struggle, Stefan's Journey and More Season 6 Scoop

Thursday’s Vampire Diaries season finale left two of our favorites on the Other Side, and left viewers with endless burning questions. TVLine reached out to showrunner Julie Plec from the other side (of the country) for answers, including which characters are truly gone forever. READ MORE

Post Mortems

Post Mortem: The Originals EP on the New Hybrid, [Spoiler's] Return and a 'Complicated' Season 2

The Originals‘ season finale boasted an embarrassment of game-changing riches that left us dying, Genevieve-style, to see what Season 2 has in store for Klaus and the rest of the Mikaelsons — of which there are now several more. Fortunately, showrunner Julie Plec was happy to answer TVLine’s burning questions. READ MORE