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Emmys 2011: Sizing Up the Supporting Comedy Actor Race, Including Our Dream Nominees


There are few certainties about the 2011 Emmys derby, but rest assured this is one of them: if you’re a male performer on a sitcom not called Modern Family, you face an uphill battle elbowing your way into the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series race. Even without a nod for patriarch Ed O’Neill last year, ABC’s hit comedy accounted for half of all the category’s nominations. So the question this year isn’t whether the Family men will make another strong showing — they will — but rather who’ll snap up the remaining spots. Here’s how things look going into nomination season. REVIEW CONTENDERS & VOTE

How Would You Reboot Two and a Half Men? (Without Changing the Title, That Is)

"A Bottle of Wine & a Jackhammer" -- OSC of the CBS series TWO AND A HALF MEN. scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network.
Photo: Greg Gayne/Warner Bros.
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The facts are these: Two and a Half Men‘s main man, Chuck Lorre, is vested in keeping the show going by any means possible — and most definitely sans Charlie Sheen.

“Chuck Lorre is fighting to keep the show alive without the star it was originally created for,” a source told The Daily Beast last week. The Hollywood Reporter is now echoing that sentiment, saying that Lorre has presented close associates and Men costar Jon Cryer with “a new creative direction” that will subtract Charlie … READ MORE

Is It Time for Jon Cryer to Get Serious About the Charlie Sheen Situation?


Jon Cryer appeared on TBS’ Conan Thursday night to once again address the Charlie Sheen situation… without really addressing it. Raising the question: Will he ever? READ MORE

Charlie Sheen Calls Two and a Half Men Firing 'Illegal,' As Costars Weigh In on 'Sad' Situation

"Media Room Slash Dungeon" -- Evelyn (Holland Taylor, left) takes Charlie (Charlie Sheen, right) under her wing, with bizarre results, on TWO AND A HALF MEN, Monday, Oct. 1 (9:00-9:30 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. 
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS
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In the latest and apparently last edition of his “Sheen’s Korner” webcast series, Charlie Sheen contends that his termination from TV’s Two and a Half Men was “a completely and entirely illegal and unconscionable act.”

But while teams of high-priced lawyers on both sides hash that out, some — though not all — of Sheen’s costars from the hit CBS comedy are starting to weigh in on the sordid situation that has been unfolding on TV, online and in the headlines over the past two weeks. READ MORE

Hot Video: Men's Jon Cryer Lands a New Job

"Mmm, Fish. Yum" -- OSC of the CBS series TWO AND A HALF MEN, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network.
Photo: Greg Gayne/Warner Bros.
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Jon Cryer thus far has been steadfastly mum on the sordid sitch with Two and a Half Men costar Charlie Sheen. But on Thursday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, he has a little bit of fun with his and the hitcom’s questionable future. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO