Joe Mantegna: Criminal Minds' Tribute to War Veterans Packs an Emmy-Caliber Performance

A veteran gets his day this Wednesday on Criminal Minds (CBS, 9/8c), when the BAU’s investigation into homeless people murdered at the Santa Monica Pier unexpectedly reunites Rossi with his Marine sergeant from Vietnam. Joe Mantegna — who this past weekend cohosted PBS’ inaugural National Salute to Veterans special — shared with TVLine a preview …READ MORE

Criminal Minds Star Feels 'Confident' That Thomas Gibson Will Be Back

With the Criminal Minds writers now reconvened to start plotting out Season 7 — and with but three weeks left until production starts on the new cycle — Thomas Gibson has yet to ink a new deal with the hit CBS crime drama. But at least one castmate suspects that, even though Gibson’s talks with the show had stalled last week, viewers have not seen the last of Hotch. READ MORE

Criminal Minds' Joe Mantegna Previews Season Finale Shake-Up: 'Sometimes Art Imitates Life'

This Wednesday at 9/8c, Criminal Minds presents an hour that, for a season finale, might be a little light on pyrotechnics, but nonetheless is high on drama. What’s in play? A possible “art imitating life” shake-up at the BAU, coupled with the (at one time seemingly unlikely) return of fan favorite A.J. Cook, as former team member “JJ” Jareau. TVLine welcomed the chance to speak with Joe Mantegna, aka FBI Special Agent David Rossi, about the major goings on both on and off screen at the hit CBS procedural. READ MORE