Supernatural: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on Being Hunted, Dean's Guilt and Moving On

When they’ve lost their heavenly ally, home base, sanity and possibly their only remaining parental figure, how can the boys of Supernatural possibly go on in their Impala? That’s what the Winchester brothers will be dealing with in this Friday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c) and beyond, following the intense and shocking turn of events in last week’s installment. READ MORE

Supernatural Preview: 'Lies, Omissions and Secret Agendas' Play Into Castiel-Centric Hour

When you mention Supernatural and Ben Edlund in the same sentence, things like fairies, suicidal teddy bears and meta-to-extreme come to mind. But this Friday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c), which was written and directed by Edlund, takes a serious look at the Winchester brothers’ heavenly ally, Castiel (Misha Collins). “The Man Who Would Be King” will give fans much-needed insight into what Cas has been up to upstairs (and downstairs?), says Edlund, who in this Q&A also tackles our questions about the angel’s devilish side and whether he might one day become human. READ MORE

Supernatural Exec: Musical Episode Would Be 'Risky,' But Is Still a Very Real Possibility

Picture this: An episode of Supernatural (Fridays at 9/8c) that begins just like any other (demons, souls in peril, etc;), and then — bam! — Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles break into song, all the while looking dapper as can be. Sounds ah-mazing, no? Well, through no prodding of my own, executive producer Bob Singer tells TVLine that just such a much-desired outing may finally be on the way (should the CW series receive a Season 7).

Also in this Q&A: more details on the boys’ trip to the Old West, the search for Eve, and what Singer really thought of the meta experimental “French Mistake.” READ MORE