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Scandal Post Mortem: Jeff Perry Reflects on Cy's 'Grave Miscalculation,' Previews 'Rage' to Come

Scandal Recap James Shot Dead

This week on ABC’s Scandal, the answer to “Who got shot?” came swiftly, and startlingly. For Jake did not merely fire a warning shot in the direction of David and James, nor did he shoot at some unseen party. READ MORE

Scandal's Jeff Perry Talks Blindsided Cyrus, Fitz/ Olivia Roadblocks and the 'Exquisite Hell' Ahead

Scandal Season 3 Spoilers

Throughout nearly two-and-a-half seasons of ABC’s Scandal (Thursdays, 10/9c), Cyrus Beene had been able to rely on a (relatively!) stable home life whilst managing President Grant’s White House affairs (and affairs). His marriage to James, however, became picture-imperfect when a plot to dangle his hubby as bait for VP Sally Langston’s wandering mate delivered unto his Blackberry …READ MORE

Performer of the Week: Jeff Perry


A new feature in which we spotlight the past week’s shining star


THE SHOW | Scandal (ABC)

THE EPISODE | “Nobody Likes Babies” READ MORE

TVLine Items: Stamos Visits SVU, Shonda Pilot Adds Grey's Vet, and Other TV News to Know


Joining Law & Order: SVU‘s already stellar spring lineup is none other than John Stamos.

The Full House alum and recurring Glee player is set to appear in an upcoming SVU episode as …READ MORE