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Exclusive: Parenthood Boss Bringing Back Jason Ritter… And Giving Him His Own Show!

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THE EVENT -- Season: 1 -- Pictured: Jason Ritter as Sean Walker -- Photo by: Joseph Viles/NBC

When finding out all the details of this story, I kept thinking, “It can’t get any better!” And then it just kept getting better.

Not only is Parenthood bringing back one of my FAEs (Favorite Actors Ever), Jason Ritter, for multiple episodes, but …READ MORE

Parenthood Finale Mysteries Solved: Time Jumps, Faux Reunions, Baby Bumps and More!


Now that you’ve had time to process Tuesday’s six-hanky Parenthood finale, let’s get our post mortem on via a batch of burning questions with executive producer Jason Katims.

Did Jasmine and Crosby reconcile in the episode’s final moments? | “I wouldn’t assume that,” Katims cautions. “Although they were finally talking — and I think we definitely earned that after Crosby spent so many episodes just trying to have a conversation with the woman — I don’t think that conversation necessarily leads to fixing all the problems that they have. The verdict is out in terms of where they are when we pick up with them next.”

Speaking of which, assuming the show gets renewed, will there be a time jump between seasons 2 and 3? READ MORE