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Exclusive CSI Sneak Peek: Battlestar's James Callis 'Bugs' Stokes — Plus: More Finale Preview


Battlestar Galactica alum James Callis is stirring up trouble again, this time on CBS’ CSI (Wednesday, 10/9c) – and TVLine has a first look at his investigative journalist “bugging” Nick Stokes (and in doing so, setting the stage for a Gil Grissom shout-out).

Callis, but one of a flurry of familiar faces popping up in the long-running procedural’s Season 13 finale, guest-stars as …READ PREVIEW & WATCH VIDEO

Exclusive: Battlestar's James Callis Digs Up CSI Dirt in Season 13 Finale

CSI Season 13 Spoilers

The Las Vegas CSI team this spring will not face off with a brutal killer or ruthless kidnapper, but a man armed with a poison pen. READ MORE

Battlestar Reunion Scoop: James Callis Joins Jamie Bamber in NBC Drama Pilot


Ron Moore’s NBC pilot 17th Precinct is looking more like the 13th Colony with each passing day. …READ MORE