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Idology: Why Lazaro's Got to Go! Plus: Angie's Theatrical Problem and The Rise of Janelle!

lazaro arbos american idol

There’s disagreement brewing on this week’s installment of Idology. More specifially, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I offer split opinions on the Beatles Week performances of American Idol Season 12 ladies Angie Miller and Amber Holcomb. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Idology: Curtis Finch Jr. Questions Idol's Year of the Woman, Talks Playing 'Bad Guy' in Hollywood

curtis finch jr idology american idol

Curtis Finch Jr. says there’s a lot of his American Idol journey that got left on the editing room floor. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Idology: Is Comic Jimmy Iovine Hurting Idol's Ladies? Plus: Lazaro and the 'Courage' Card

idol season 12 top 10 recap idology slezak doolittle

Season 12 Top 10 Week of American Idol almost had it all: Several championship-caliber vocal performances, a righteous voting result and unexpected references to the deliciousness of Aunt Jemima Syrup.

The only things missing were a laugh track for mentor Jimmy Iovine’s absurdist musings and a bucket of …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Idology: Who Broke Out of the Pack This Week on Idol? And Who Merely Shot the Peacock?

idol season 12 top 10

There are only 10 contestants left on Season 12 of American Idol, but let’s not pretend each of ‘em has an equal chance at getting a confetti shower and “A Moment Like This” by the end of May. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Idology: Top 20 Controversy on Idol (Starring Zoanette and Lazaro)! Is It Too Early to Panic?


Is Season 12 of American Idol about to careen through the guardrail, plummet into a ravine and explode into a fiery ball of detritus? Or is there a case of premature outrage coming from the chorus of naysayers railing against the judges’ decision to stack the Top 20 with Zoanette Johnson, Lazaro Arbos and a number of other polarizing singers? READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Idology: Season 12 Men Flop, More Female Front-Runners Emerge! Plus: The Charlie Problem!

kree harrison elijah liu american idol idology

We’re now halfway through American Idol‘s Season 12 Vegas round — during which the judges are narrowing the Top 40 singers down to just 20 semifinalists — and a few things are becoming abundantly clear: READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Idology: The Rise of American Idol's Season 12 Women — But Is It Too Much Too Soon?


American Idol wants a female winner for Season 12 — or at least that was the loud and clear message of Ryan Seacrest’s voiceovers during the ladies-only portion of Hollywood Week. Still, with the pimping of Angela Miller, Candice Glover and Janelle Arthur starting so early in the season, could the strategy backfire and give rise to another dudely successor to Phillip Phillips, Scotty McCreery and Lee DeWyze? READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Idology: Nicki Minaj Rules, Male Contestants Act the Fool During Season 12 Hollywood Week

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Say what you want about Nicki Minaj’s opinion — and sure, sometimes it’s as crazy as her wigs — but unlike so many ineffective American Idol judges of yore, there’s never any doubt about where she stands. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Idology: Randy Offends, Judges Confound as Idol Season 12 Auditions (Mercifully) End

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The American Idol Season 12 auditions are over (as the popular tryout number goes) at laaaaaast. But what happened in San Antonio, Oklahoma City and Long Beach, Calif. may come back to haunt us during Hollywood Week. thanks to the newly configured and mostly astute judges’ panel seemingly losing its focus in the final few audition cities. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Idology: Diva Contestant Deluge on Idol! Plus: Nicki Vs. Mariah — Who Was Right? (Not Randy!)

candice glover american idol

It’s not every day that American Idol prayers get answered, and so while it’s unlikely we’ll ever get a Senate hearing about Candice Glover’s confounding elimination during Season 11 Vegas Week, let’s nevertheless have a moment of thanks that she’s getting a shot at redemption this year.

Indeed, Candice’s fantastic “Syrup and Honey” was the highlight of Idol‘s second week of Season 12 auditions, but it wasn’t the only cause for celebration. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO