Post Mortems

The Leftovers' Regina King Reflects on the Big Erika Twist and Getting Her Dream Scene With Carrie Coon

Turns out Erika Murphy is one helluva desperate housewife.

Sunday’s episode of HBO’s The Leftovers put the spotlight on Regina King‘s enigmatic (and hearing impaired!) alter ego and a number of surprises quickly followed. The biggest twist: READ MORE

Post Mortems

The Leftovers: Carrie Coon on Nora's 'Worst Nightmare Coming True'

Miracle’s utopian facade took a major hit in Sunday’s The Leftovers when a spate of disappearances raised the specter of a second, albeit small-scale, Sudden Departure. Kevin was briefly among the missing, sending Nora into an emotional, history-is-repeating-itself tailspin READ MORE