Exclusive Grimm Finale Video: Monrosalee's Future Is So Bright, Nick's Gotta Wear...

Grimm‘s big wedding is nearly here, and as you’ll see in the following exclusive clip from Friday’s season finale (NBC, 9/8c), Nick fully intends to make good on his plan to wear sunglasses to Monroe and Rosalee’s ceremony — no matter how many weird looks he gets. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Grimm Exclusive Sneak Peek: Mama Burkhardt Is Back - But What's Nick About to Ask Juliette?

There are two very interesting aspects to this exclusive clip from this Friday’s episode of Grimm (NBC, 9/8c).

The first: Kelly Burkhardt — aka The Woman in Black aka Nick’s mother (returning guest star Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) — shows up unannounced with two surprise visitors in tow. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO