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Did NBC Spoil Parks Surprise? Is Thrones Recast a Mismatch? Sketchy Scandal Sex? And More Qs

Parks Recreation Ben Leslie Pregnant

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Grimm, Saturday Night Live, Game of Thrones and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! READ MORE

TVLine Mixtape: Your Favorite Songs From Girls, Grimm, Switched at Birth, Trophy Wife and More

THE COUPLE | Trophy Wife's Kate and Pete
THE LATEST | In the midst of planning their "do over" wedding, things go from bad to worst for Pete and Kate: Kate's mom, Cricket, hires male strippers in front of the kids, Pete's parents won't speak to each other, and on top of all that, Pete's great aunt Margaret dies… with the funeral scheduled on the same day as the wedding.
AWW! | While en route to the funeral, Kate's friends surprise her with a wedding – 5,000 feet above the ground! The charming scene is made complete with beautiful orange juice-free dresses, kilts and The Muppets playing as Kate walks down the emergency exit aisle.
THE FORECAST | Clear skies with little turbulence. Looks like Kate got her dream wedding after all, but let's hope the airline at least gave the couple a complimentary beverage.

Two Weddings and a Detox?

Nope, that’s not another movie-to-TV-show adaptation, but it could be the subtitle for our latest TVLine Mixtape! READ MORE

Grimm Exclusive Sneak Peek: Mama Burkhardt Is Back – But What's Nick About to Ask Juliette?


There are two very interesting aspects to this exclusive clip from this Friday’s episode of Grimm (NBC, 9/8c).

The first: Kelly Burkhardt — aka The Woman in Black aka Nick’s mother (returning guest star Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) — shows up unannounced with two surprise visitors in tow. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Grimm Stars Remember Their 'Very Scary,' 'Vile,' 'Sensual' (?!) First Times

<H2><B>Silas Weir Mitchell</b></H2><P>
<H4><B>CHARACTER | Monroe, a Blutbad
<H4><B>BEASTLY BREAKOUT | "Pilot," Season 1</b></H4><P>
The first time Mitchell had to change from a meat-shunning clock enthusiast to a bloodthirsty wolf creature is imprinted in his mind, the actor says, "Because I was like, 'All right. We're shooting a pilot about people who are inside these people… and now things are just coming out? And I don't know what I'm doing.' It was very scary, just rolling with it." After positive -- though not entirely enlightening – feedback from those watching, Mitchell decided his wogue would look "something like a shifting. That's what it became. These things, you're just like, 'I think that is what it is.' And then they take, and they work."

You never forget your first time– especially if make-believe fur, claws and fangs are involved.

And that’s why the cast members of NBC’s Grimm had no trouble remembering what it felt like when they first …READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

NBC Renews Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Grimm; Parks and Rec Formally Picked Up for Season 7

Chicago Fire Renewed Season 3

NBC has added three more shows to its growing roster of renewals for the 2014-15 TV season. READ MORE

Grimm Exclusive Sneak Peek: A Surprising Visitor Lends a Freaked-Out Wu a Sympathetic Ear

Grimm Season 3 Spoilers Video Wu Juliette

Poor Wu!

Grimm‘s sarcastic sergeant didn’t weather his Wesen introduction very well, as evidenced in this exclusive clip from Friday’s episode (NBC, 9/8c), which finds him still holed up in the local sanitarium.


Grimm's Reggie Lee Previews Filipino Fairy Tales, the Sgt's First-Name Mystery and 'The Dirty Wu'

Grimm - Season 3

For years, Grimm‘s Sgt. Wu has toiled tirelessly in the background of the NBC series’ fictional Portland Police Department. He’s offered exposition. He’s tossed off sarcastic one-liners. And he’s gone about his days blissfully unaware that mythical monsters make up half of his town.

On Friday (9/8c), that changes forever …READ MORE

Exclusive Grimm First Look: Will Monroe Follow His Parents' Lead and Ditch Nick?

Grimm Season 3 Spoilers

If you’ve been wondering what happened on Grimm just after Monroe’s parents’ violent realization that their son’s best friend was a Wesen slayer, your wait is over. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Exclusive: Grimm Casts Secret Life Actor as Royal Henchman for Multi-Episode Arc

Grimm Season 3 Cast Philip Anthony-Rodriguez

Grimm‘s royals just acquired another weapon for their arsenal.

Secret Life of the American Teenager‘s Philip Anthony-Rodriguez will join NBC’s supernatural drama later this season as someone on a mission for Prince Viktor & Co., TVLine has learned exclusively. READ MORE