The 2013 Grammy Awards: Best and Worst

Leading up to the Grammys, all anyone could seem to talk about was who’d win Album of the Year and/or defy CBS’ modesty memo and flash us some side boob. (Our money was on Frank Ocean. For both.)

But to focus on those topics would ignore a whole host of, shall we say, “alternative” categories ranging from Weirdest Acceptance Speech to Performance Most Likely to Induce a Seizure. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

Grammys: Jennifer Hudson's Whitney Houston Tribute Tops the Show's 5 Best Moments

In the aftermath of Whitney Houston’s death Saturday afternoon in her Beverly Hills hotel suite, I fully expected Grammy producers to open their 2012 award ceremony with a triubute to the fallen pop icon. Strangely enough, though, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson’s sublime cover of Houston’s most iconic ballad, “I Will Always Love You,” didn’t happen until …READ MORE

Grammys 2011: We're Live-Blogging It!

Crank up the volume on your TV and worry about apologizing to the neighbors in the morning: The 2011 Grammy Awards are just moments away, and there’ll be plenty of musical performances comin’ atcha. Some will be legendary, some will be disastrous, but all of ’em will be covered right here at’s 2011 Grammys Live Blog. So click through past the jump for my running commentary (keep hitting refresh — newest comments will show up at the top of your screen) and then head to the comments section to add your own opinions. Y’all ready? Here goes nothin’… …READ MORE