Golden Globes: Who Should Win, Who Will Win

Something you need to know before you dive into my predictions for the 2014 Golden Globe Awards: In the 13-plus years I’ve been doing this, I have never once been wrong. Save for in 2002 when Charlie Sheen won for Spin City. And 2008 when David Duchovny snagged a trophy for Californication. And 2012 when Kelsey Grammer triumphed for Boss. And… my point is this:  READ MORE & VIEW WISH LIST & PREDICTIONS

Golden Globe Nods: My Snappy Judgments

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association served up a nice helping of justice Thursday morning, honoring a number of kudos-deprived performers and shows with Golden Globe nominations. In fact, for the first time in recent memory, the Globes got way more right than it got wrong. That’s not to say this year’s list is perfect though. READ MORE

Golden Globe Nominees React! Who Said What?

Thursday morning brought very good news to a select group of TV’s biggest stars and producers: They’d been nominated for a Golden Globe! As they reveled in their nods from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, this year’s nominees took a minute to let everyone know how they felt about the honor. READ MORE