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ABC Enlists Gary Busey, Ted Haggard, Tracey Gold and More for Celebrity Wife Swap


The wives of actor Gary Busey and Evangelical pastor Ted Haggard will trade places when ABC debuts a celebrity edition of the reality series Wife Swap early next year.

Also on tap for Celebrity Wife Swap are …READ MORE

TVLine Items: Busey Goes Crazy for Men, Horror Story Sneak Peek, Treme End Date Talk and More


Two and a Half Men is bringing Charlie (Harper) back, and he’s got a new pal.

An upcoming episode of the revamped CBS sitcom features Jon Cryer’s Alan channeling his late brother and ending up in a mental institution because of it. And who better to be his psych ward roommate than …READ MORE

Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Grilling Gary Busey


Well, it happened. For the first time last night, I prayed for sanity on Celebrity Apprentice. Prayed! Every week I gawk at these contestants with their microwaved faces and poppycock lives, and I always approve of their senselessness. I danced when Dionne Warwick clucked “Hussy!” at Star Jones! I reveled in Richard Hatch’s murderous stare! I still cherish when La Toya Jackson murmurs like a nervous Muppet Baby (a hybrid of Skeeter and Beaker, arguably). But this week, I couldn’t handle Gary Busey’s team leadership and utter nonsense, and I’m guessing you couldn’t either. Clasp your hands over your face like Meat Loaf, because we have a lot of unbearable nuttiness to review. READ MORE

Celebrity Apprentice Recap: I Say A Little Prayer for Decency


Unspeakable things happened on Celebrity Apprentice last night, and I’m not talking about Gary Busey’s sentences. I’m referring to a challenge about stupid commercials, Jose Canseco’s “risque humor,” (which must be Trump code for “homophobia”), and the firing of a first-rate buzzard. Tragedy all around. Plus, Busey told us his johnson is nicknamed “Big Wednesday,” and he meant it. Because this show? Is kind of hell, for sure. But a fresh hell! Let’s relive and re-love it. …READ MORE

Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Mutiny on the RV!


From’s Louis Virtel.

This season, “Celebrity Apprentice” is short for “The Sorcerer’s Celebrity Apprentice” because it’s a scary spectacle worthy of a Fantasia vignette. There’s the magical mouse herself, LaToya Jackson, decked in a wizard’s bandleader jacket. There’s the wise fox Mark McGrath alongside the shifty-eyed puma Dionne Warwick. Oh, and look, there’s Gary Busey — who is his own animated species. It’s a menagerie of mischief this year, and last night’s episode was yet another foray into the animal kingdom. Rowr. Let’s review. …READ MORE