Food Network Star Recap: Ironed Out

Just as all Food Network recipes are not created equal (see: Paula Deen’s take on “English Peas”), neither can every episode of Food Network Star be a triumph of reality TV broadcasting. And despite Mary Beth’s contention that the judges faced a daunting task in narrowing the field from four down to three — “I don’t envy the selection committee. We all bring so much to the table,”she argued — the season’s penultimate episode played out with the predictability of the tears that flow when you get jalapeño juice in your eye.

Chipper chefbot Giada De Laurentiis summed up the central problem READ MORE

Food Network Star Recap: Dumps Like a Truck

One contestant took delicious, expensive lobster and buried it under gloppy gobs of cream cheese (terrifying image embedded at the end of this recap). Another made a screeching alley-cat sound as a way to escalate her war of words with a fellow female finalist. But in the end, it was the person who got criticized for “simmering” while other rivals were “at a full boil” that ended up getting the boot on this week’s installment of Food Network Star. If outcome didn’t really make total sense, perhaps this handy translation tool will help: …READ MORE

Food Network Star Recap: 'Town' and Out

Fans of musical theater are probably familiar with A Chorus Line‘s classic number, “Dance, 10; Looks, 3,” in which an aspiring actress/hoofer explains how her lack of show-stopping curves hindered her career momentum — despite her exceptional ability to cut a rug. The evicted contestant this week on Food Network Star suffered from a similar imbalance in required skills: …READ MORE

The Next Food Network Star Season Premiere: Who Are Your Early Favorites?

I’m not sure who was in charge of casting Season 7 of The Next Food Network Star, but allow me to raise an Ina Garten-approved cocktail in this magnificent individual’s honor. Last year’s installment of NFNS was essentially an extended coronation march for the lovely Aarti Sequeira, whose victory against a bunch of overmatched tomato cans — many of whom seemed to lack basic cooking and/or on-camera skills — was never really in question.

Season 7, on the other hand, looks to be an entirely different kind of affair. …READ MORE

Worst Cooks in America Recap: Two Raws Don't Make a Right

Just as The Bachelor makes for feel-good TV by offering up snapshots of romantic love so mindless and undignified that our own relationships can only shine by comparison, so too does Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America make our average paper plates of burnt toast look downright intoxicating next to the inedible output of its hapless anti-chefs.

Last night’s episode featured turkey alla salmonella, “steamed” (read: gray and bloodied) steak, and a salsa cruda recipe infused with just a hint of a contestant’s saliva. Perhaps even more shockingly, two of those “delicacies” didn’t get their creators ousted from the competition. Yet with six players each left on Chef Anne Burrell’s Red Team and Chef Robert Irvine’s Blue Team, there’s still plenty of abuse being directed at innocent vegetables and proteins. …READ MORE