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Bones and Isles Geeks Clash, Unforgettable and SVU Stars Collide in 'Law-Enforcement Crushes'


A crime is about to be committed: Two of the four women in Round 2, Day 7  of our Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament are just days away from being eliminated — and thereby will fail to crack the Top 16 of our single-elimination competition. …READ MORE & VOTE

'Law-Enforcement Crushes' Day 7: SVU Vs. The Closer, Unforgettable Vs. CSI, and More!


Day 7 of our Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament is all over the map: From New York City to Los Angeles, from Miami to Philadelphia, and from Boston to Las Vegas with a stop in D.C. …READ MORE & VOTE

Exclusive First Look: Bones 'Branch'es Out With Romantic Booth-Brennan 'Music Video'


Bones has a six-season history of creating romantic tension in the midst of the gory and gruesome, so what better occasion than Halloween to release a new (and swoon-inducing) promo that traces …READ MORE AND WATCH VIDEO

Bones: 7 Scoopy Bits From Season 7's Premiere


What better way to liven up a sleepy Friday afternoon than with a screening of the Bones Season 7 premiere, which won’t hit our TVs until, what, November 3?

For starters, let’s get two things out of the way … READ MORE

Exclusive: Bones Boss on Booth-Brennan Sexscapades: 'We Don't Need to See That'

Fall TV Preview

Many loyal Bones viewers, having been denied the lovemaking scene that resulted in Brennan’s season-ending pregnancy news, hold out hope that they will see the prospective parents at some point this season… you know, dance in the sheets. READ MORE

Exclusive: Bones Star David Boreanaz Gives Us the Scoop on Booth and Brennan's [Spoiler]!

63RD PRIMETIME EMMY® AWARDS: David Boreanaz (BONES) arrives on the red carpet of the 63RD PRIMETIME EMMY® AWARDS at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, CA, on Sunday, Sept. 18 on FOX.  CR: Scott Kirkland/FOX  © 2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Before last night’s Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony, one reporter caught up with Bones star David Boreanaz and his wife, Jaime Bergman. And not only did they reveal … READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Bones Exclusive: First Promo of Season 7 Finds Booth and Brennan [Spoiler Alert]

Fall TV Preview

By the looks of the first promo for Bones‘ upcoming seventh season, Brennan isn’t having the easiest time juggling pregnancy and crime solving. Baby daddy Booth, on the other hand …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

First Look: Bones' Official Comic-Con Poster!


Comic-Con attendees better hope those 100-gallon swag bags aren’t in short supply this year, because if the Bones freebies are any indication, the loot is going to be Off. The. Hook. READ MORE & VIEW POSTER

Bones Season Finale Video: Booth and Brennan Are Engaged… But There's a Twist!


When the inevitable day comes that Bones goes off the air, let’s hope Fox looks back on the following clip and sees what I see: the makings of a whole new series. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Scoop: Why Bones Killed a 'Beloved' Character

BONES:  Brennan investigates remains found in a planter at a newly built community center in "The Pinocchio in the Planter" episode of BONES airing Thursday, April 28 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.  Cr:  Ray Mickshaw/FOX

[The following story contains a major spoiler from this Thursday's episode of Fox's Bones.]

Here’s a fun little factoid: Did you know that there are at least 17 TV characters dying during this May sweeps period? And on this week’s Bones, one of those ill-fated folks met their end when – spoiler alert – former sniper Broadsky took out …READ MORE