Duets Season Finale: The Winner Is... [Updated]

Just like its charming/ridiculous “exploding mirrorball” logo and mid-2000s dance-club theme song, Duets wrapped its first season tonight with a vibe that was more about low-wattage summer fun than a serious coronation of the next big Billboard chart topper.

That doesn’t mean, however, that the contestant …READ MORE

Duets Recap: All Roads Lead to J Rome

Some folks might gripe that Duets is yet another reality singing competition that’s guaranteed to produce a male winner — yeah, there’s not a lady to be found in the Final 3 — but I’ve got a bigger gripe with ABC’s low-wattage summer series: READ MORE

Duets Recap: All the Right Movies

Memo to Duets‘ “superstar” mentors: Please stop telling each week’s Bottom 2 contestants that it doesn’t matter if they get booted, that their participation on ABC’s summer reality series is only the beginning of their careers in the music biz. READ MORE

Duets Recap: Points Blanked

If you just tuned in to ABC’s Duets for the first time this week, congratulations! Because apparently, those of us who wasted our time on Episodes 1 and 2 were actually watching some sort of meaningless preliminary rounds that won’t have any impact on the competition.

If that’s not the case, then shame on ABC nonetheless. After all, …READ MORE

Duets Recap: New Kid on the Block

ABC clearly invested good money in developing Duets‘ unimonikered emcee Quddus. Unlike the hostbots of many competing reality-competition series, Quddus convincingly exhibits lifelike qualities such as humor, empathy, and even sarcasm. He’s also programmed for basic math skills and an uncanny ability to process and respond to stimuli taking place in front of him. Yes, reality TV fans, the future is here, and DWTS‘ Robo Brooke Burke might be scheduled for a summer “vacation” at the Pentium plant.

Quddus kicked off Week 2 by trying to explain how the hell this show actually works, …READ MORE