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First Look: Noah Wyle Needs the Lab Rats, Stat!


Noah Wyle — playing doctor once again — is in need of a Christmas miracle when he guest-stars on tonight’s episode of Lab Rats (Disney XD, 7/6c), and we’ve got a first look at his visit. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

First Video: Special Guest Spider-Man Drops a Bomb on Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.


Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. get a super assist this weekend from guest star Spider-Man (Drake Bell, Ultimate Spider-Man) — and TVLine has a first look at the team-up. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

TVLine Items: Doctor Who's Spoiler-Proof 50th Plan, Witches Premiere, Scream News and More

Doctor Who 50th Simulcast

In a bold bid to avoid timey-wimey spoilers spreading ’round the Internet, Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary special will be simulcast worldwide at the same time.

In other words …READ MORE

Coming, It Is: Phineas and Ferb Meet Star Wars

Phineas and Ferb Star Wars Special

It’s a long way from the Tri-State Area to Tatooine, and yet Phineas and Ferb will make that star trek in a Star Wars-themed special event episode. READ MORE

Marvel's Avengers Assemble Exclusive: Adrian Pasdar, Rest of Cast Recite Their Favorite Lines


Marvel’s Avengers Assemble makes its official premiere this Sunday at 11 am ET on Disney XD, and TVLine has a fun, first-look video of the voice cast relating the most “super” dialogue to come out of the mouths of Tony Stark, Hulk, Black Widow et al. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

First Video: Andy Richter Controls a Dark Universe on Disney XD's Randy Cunningham


Andy Richter is absolutely rave-ing mad on this week’s Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja — and we’ve got a first look at his hellacious hijinks. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

First Video: Ultimate Spider-Man's 'Tiny' Problem!

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN - "Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man" - Spider-Man and his team are turned into mini-versions of themselves when they cross paths with Loki and the Destroyer. This new episode of "Ultimate Spider-Man" airs on SUNDAY, JUNE 9 (11:30 - 12:00 NOON ET/PT) on Marvel Universe on Disney XD. (DISNEY XD)

Spidey and friends get knocked down to size this Sunday on Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man — and TVLine has an exclusive first Loki… er, look… at their big small problem. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Exclusive Preview: Marvel's Avengers Assemble on Disney XD — Plus: The Super Premiere Plan

Marvel Avengers Assemble Disney XD

If the Cineplex left you wanting more Iron Man, if the teasey trailer for ABC’s S.H.I.E.L.D. series whet your appetite anew for Captain America, Hulk and Thor, rest assured there will be many ways to tune into the new Disney XD series Marvel’s Avengers Assemble — and TVLine has a first look at the smashing action. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

New Star Wars Rebels Animated Series to Bridge Movie Episodes III and IV — Watch Video

Star Wars Rebels Series to Disney XD

The Force is still with your television.

Production is underway on Star Wars Rebels, an animated series set between the film franchise’s Episodes III and IV and due to premiere in fall 2014 on …READ MORE

Exclusive First Look: Ultimate Spider-Man Spins a Shocking, New Origin Story for [Spoiler]

Ultimate Spider-Man Carnage Origin Story

Oh, what a tangled web Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man will weave with its origin story for one of the wall-crawler’s most ferocious foes — and TVLine has an exclusive first look at the Spidey sense-tingling twist. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO