Exclusive Dexter Promo: The Dark Passenger's Haunting 'Final Symphony' Plays On

“It’s like I’m conducting a final symphony: Requiem for Demonic Dexter.”

So said (or predicted?) the Dark Passenger back in Dexter‘s second season. And now, as the Showtime saga approaches the end of its eight-year run, that sentiment has never been more applicable. READ MORE & WATCH PROMO


Exclusive: Dexter Season 8 Promo Pays Tribute to [Spoiler] and [Spoiler] and [Spoiler] and...

Dexter‘s first-ever summer season (bowing June 30) is rapidly approaching — but before we can move forward and enjoy the twists and turns of the Showtime saga’s rumored swan song, let us look back at those we’ve lost along the way. READ MORE & WATCH PROMO