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Grimm's David Giuntoli Talks Sewers, Stunt Mishaps and Why Santa Had It Coming

Grimm - Season 3

This Friday, NBC’s Grimm decks the halls with severed limbs, stolen goods and a seriously messed-up Santa Claus that you’ll want nowhere near your chimney.

In other words, it’s life as usual in Portland — only with twinkly lights. READ MORE

Grimm Post Mortem: Nick-Monroe Static Ahead? And Exactly How Dead Is Our Favorite Grimm?

Grimm Season 3 Spoilers David Giuntoli

If you’ve noticed a change in Grimm‘s Nick this season — and with his frequent gray periods, one of which took place in this week’s episode, how could you not? — you may be wondering whether the hero of the NBC drama is undergoing a permanent transformation.

Series co-creators/executive producers David Greenwalt and James Kouf say …READ MORE

Grimm Preview: The Incident That Emotionally 'Destroys' Nick – Plus: Adalind, Meet Entrails?!

Grimm Season 3 Spoilers David Giuntoli

For a while, we’ve been hearing about the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad thing Grimm‘s Nick does while under Baron Samedi’s zombie spell.

That long-heralded incident finally takes place in the second half of the season premiere – which airs Friday at 9/8c on NBC – and …READ MORE

Hollywood Game Night Exclusive Video: Grimm's David Giuntoli Nails Spielberg-Themed Charades


Hollywood Game Night wraps its freshman run this Thursday at 10/9c — and it’s going out with a pretty Grimm game of charades. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Grimm Post Mortem: David Giuntoli on Nick in a Box ('It's Going to Be Bad'), Wesen Sex and More

GRIMM -- "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm" Episode 222 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Tuesday’s Season 2 finale of Grimm. If you haven’t watched yet, make like an Eisbiber and scurry away now! Everyone else, proceed.

Grimm‘s Nick had been dying to know what was up with all of the undead-ish folk tormenting Portland, and in the sophomore season finale Tuesday night, he found out. READ MORE

Grimm Preview: Criminals Trash Wesen Code, Ticking Off Monroe and Teeing Up a 'Witch Hunt'

GRIMM -- "Natural Born Wesen" Episode 214 -- Pictured: (l-r) Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, a Blutbad -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

The Wesen – or fairytale creatures of NBC’s Grimm – are a highly principled bunch. Yes, some of them are ruthless killers and others are cagey con artists, but all abide by a long-standing code of honor: Don’t reveal your true nature unless absolutely necessary.

A few Wesen flaunt that rule in this week’s episode …READ MORE

Grimm Post Mortem: David Giuntoli on Why the Juliette-Renard Infatuation Is 'My Fault'

GRIMM -- "Face Off" Episode 213 -- Pictured: David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Warning: If you haven’t watched Grimm‘s midseason premiere, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, proceed…

Grimm‘s big return Friday night was enough to put hair on your face paws chest. READ MORE

Grimm Star David Giuntoli Says Finale 'Holds All the Answers,' Teases Season 2

David Giuntoli Grimm Finale

On tonight’s Season 1 finale of the freshman procedural Grimm (NBC, 9/8c), Nick continues his quest to find his parents’ killers, stumbles upon a Woman in Black and perhaps even spills the beans about his fairy scary double-life to someone special.

Here, series star David Giuntoli talks Nick’s transformation, teases the return of the mysterious gold coins and drops a bombshell: READ MORE

Fresh Faces for Fall: Who's on Our Radar (and Should Be on Yours!)

Fall TV Preview

Fall TV is almost here, which means some of your favorite actors will soon be back in series either new (hi, Zooey Deschanel!) or familiar. But there’s also plenty of promising fresh faces making their way to your TV this season. Some have paid their dues with myriad guest spots and supporting roles. Others are so straight off the bus we have to wonder if they even have their SAG card yet. READ MORE