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Are The Following's Feds Failing? Did Glee Find Its Funny Bone? Missing Ellis? And More Qs!


We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Following, Dallas, The Big Bang Theory and Glee! READ MORE

Ratings: TNT's Dallas Corrals Season-High Audience for J.R. Ewing's Swan Song


Monday’s farewell to J.R. Ewing gave TNT’s Dallas a shot in the arm ratings-wise.

The emotional hour drew 3.6 million viewers, a 28 percent boost over last week’s episode and …READ MORE

Dallas Post Mortem: Weigh In on J.R.'s Funeral and Get Scoop on the Shocking [Spoiler] Reveal


Warning: The following contains major spoilers from this week’s Dallas.

This week on TNT’s Dallas, the late and very great J.R. Ewing was paid his final respects, as many tears flowed. But it was what happened in the closing minutes that roused longtime fans from their somber mood and raised a big ol’ question …READ MORE

How Dallas Planned a Truly Emotional Funeral — After Using a Bit of Magic to Extend J.R.'s Life

SCENE 7 / INT SUE ELLEN's HOUSE - LIVING ROOM: JR says he'll make the charges go away. / Photo: Skip Bolen / TNT

In many ways, Larry Hagman‘s final appearance on TNT’s Dallas… wasn’t.

Though the beloved actor had three scenes in last week’s episode — culminating with the moment in which J.R. was shot by an unseen assailant — each of those sequences was fashioned from preexisting footage and dialogue, as producers scrambled …READ MORE

Dallas Exclusive: 'Governor' Steven Weber Will Aim to Take Down [Spoiler]

Dallas Season 2 Spoilers: Steven Weber

Television journeyman Steven Weber‘s next stop will be in Dallas, with a recurring role on the TNT drama.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Weber will play …READ MORE

Josh Henderson Previews Dallas' Sexy New Alliance and the Big [Spoiler] Murder Mystery

BEHIND-THE-SCENES - Josh Henderson as John Ross Ewing III moments before a scene. / Photo: Skip Bolen / TNT

The enemy of my enemy is my… lover? John Ross Ewing put that sexy spin on the old axiom in Dallas‘ Season 2 opener, when he and Pamela “Don’t Call Me Rebecca” Barnes sealed their new alliance with a kiss and then some. Here, Josh Henderson weighs in on his alter ego’s calculated coupling (and who still has John Ross’ heart), then shares a peek at the exit storyline that is sure to do the late Larry Hagman justice. (TNT’s Dallas airs Mondays at 9/8c.) READ MORE

TVLine Items: Six Million Dollar Man to Dallas, Girl Meets World's Boy, 30 Rock 'Scream and More!


Dallas is upping the ante with a Six Million Dollar Man.

TV vet Lee Majors has booked a multi-episode arc in Season 2 of the TNT drama …READ MORE

Shocker: Dallas Poised to [Spoiler] J.R.!


TNT’s Dallas is taking a page from the original series’ playbook to explain J.R. Ewing’s sudden exit.

According to TV Guide Magazine, the iconic villain — played by the late Larry Hagman — will be …READ MORE

Video: Dallas Wishes You a Cussin', Tusslin', Very Ewing Holiday (Extended Version)

Dallas Holiday Greeting Video

Ain’t no holiday celebration like a Ewing celebration, as evidenced by this video greeting card — supersized edition! — issued to Dallas fans by TNT. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Exclusive: Dallas Sets Date For J.R.'s Funeral


Dallas has set a date for what is bound to be the the biggest TV swan song of 2013 — the funeral of J.R. Ewing.

Three weeks after TV legend Larry Hagman‘s death from cancer complications, TVLine has learned that Dallas will lay his alter ego — an icon to multiple generations of viewers — to rest in the upcoming second season’s …READ MORE