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Team TVLine: What Excites Us About 2011!


One of the best things about launching when we did (the site did go live, right?) is that it came on the cusp of much fresh fare hitting the airwaves. This month alone, you’ve got 14 TV series making their debuts, while a slew of returning favorites (Parks and Recreation included) are set to uncork new seasons. And the other 11 months of the year promise to deliver even more TV treats.

With that in mind — and to help you get to know the TVLine staff even better — here are the TV events that have each of us excited for 2011. In Comments, tell us what you are looking forward to! READ MORE

ABC Midseason: Matthew Perry Sitcom Will (Briefly) Replace Cougar Town

MR. SUNSHINE - ABC's "Mr. Sunshine" stars Matthew Perry as Ben. (ABC/BOB D'AMICO)

ABC will not be “reuniting” Friends Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox on Wednesday nights after all. Instead, the network has decided to have Perry’s new workplace comedy, Mr. Sunshine, occupy Cougar Town’s Wednesdays-at-9:30 time slot for nine weeks starting …READ MORE