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Chuck Boss Teases Sarah's 'Epic' Backstory, Bruised Bromance, a Blown-Out Finale and More!


The end is near, Chuck fans! In fact, it’s staring executive producer Chris Fedak in the face.

“Right now, we have Episode 13 on the board [in the writers room],” he shared during a Wednesday conference call with reporters. “It’s kind of like my panic attack that’s …READ MORE

Chuck Season Finale Post Mortem: The Game Has Been Changed Yet Again!


[Warning: If you have yet to watch Monday's season finale of Chuck, run — don’t walk — to the nearest emergency exit. Everyone else, onward and downward….]

I think I speak for Chuck fans everywhere when I say thank the lord almighty that Monday’s season finale wasn’t a series finale. The show’s 11th hour Season 5 renewal ensures that the climactic twist — make that twists — in the closing minutes of the episode marks the beginning of Chuck’s next (and last) chapter and not the end. In case you missed it, a quick recap … READ MORE