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Castle Recap: Double Trouble — Better Known as The Episode That Gave [Spoiler] the Hook

Castle Recap Beckett Fame

This week on ABC’s Castle, there was something about a murder, sure, but the bigger headlines were these …READ MORE

'Ship Shape: How Your Fave Pairs From Coven, Shameless, Arrow and Other Shows Are Faring

THE COUPLE | Arrow's Oliver and Felicity
THE LATEST | As Season 2 resumed, we learned that Felicity has been out of town, hanging with comatose Barry Allen. Hmm, how does Oliver feel about that? Oh wait, we know....
BIFF! POW! OOF! | When his pursuit of a baddie comes up empty, Oliver blames his eyes in the sky, urging Felicity to "pull [her] head out of Central City." Her retort: "Right after you get yours out of your ass!"
THE FORECAST | Dark storm passing. By episode's end, Ollie apologized for his outburst, explaining how he has come to realize how much he needs Felicity -- as a "partner."

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Why'd Castle Keep a Secret? Originals Adds Sexy Zip? What's the Skinny on Ichy? And More TV Qs


We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Castle, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural and Nashville! READ MORE

Exclusive Castle Sneak Peek: Was Rick Caught Cuddling With His Ex-Wife…?!


“Castle… should I be worried about your commitment to our engagement?”

That question pops out of Beckett’s mouth in Monday’s episode of Castle (ABC, 10/9), and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at the rest of that loaded conversation — including what prompts it. READ MORE

Castle Recap: The Hunt Is (Back) On

Castle Recap Rick's Father Returns

This week on ABC’s Castle, Rick reunited with the secret agent father he barely knows, and thus was faced a dire dilemma: Should he introduce his fiance to her future father-in-law? READ MORE

Quotes of the Week: Best Zingers From Mindy Project, Castle, Downton, Justified, NCIS & More


We hope you made it your New Year’s resolution to diet and exercise watch more TV, because 2014 is already shaping up to be oh-so-quotable.

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Castle Sneak Peek: A Brush With 'Miley' Brings Up a 'Private' Issue for Rick and Kate

Castle Recap Beckett Fame

The Lying Game‘s Alexandra Chando will make like Miley Cyrus in the Jan. 20 episode of ABC’s Castle, and we’ve got pics from the episode, which also promises to surface an issue for betrothed Kate. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

Castle Photos: Kate Kinda Sorta Meets Rick's Dad

Castle Recap Rick's Father Returns

Monday the 13th is Castle sleuth Kate Beckett’s lucky day, as she will finally meet her intended’s father.


Castle Recap: [Insert Fire-Related Pun of Choice]

Castle Ryan Jenny Baby

The windchill may be hitting 20 degrees below zero this Monday night in the real New York City, but ABC’s Castle was on fire — literally and figuratively — with its winter premiere. READ MORE

Exclusive Castle Sneak Peek: Does Kate Already Have Plans for the Day of Her Own Wedding?

Castle Rick Kate Wedding

Is Castle‘s Detective Ryan ready to be a dad? Is he about to become a dad? Will it be a boy, or a girl? Will he name the baby Cosmo? Will Rick need to go stag to his own wedding? Wait, what? READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO