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Big Brother Recap: Spelling Disaster

This weekâ??s HOH, Rachel Reilly, leads the nomination ceremony in which Adam Poch and Dominic Briones were nominated for eviction during BIG BROTHER, Sunday, July 24 on the CBS Television Network.   
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS
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Let’s call Big Brothers‘s P.O.V. episodes “Whisper Wednesdays,” because we just spent a whole hour watching housemates spoon, giggle, and murmur strategies. Teehee! Conspiracies! Guh-her! Pillow fight! Backdoor betrayals! Wee! …READ MORE

Big Brother Recap: Braywatch


Think for a moment about the screen-time Rachel hogged on Sunday night’s Big Brother. It was a hearty amount, right? Right. Now: Can you think of a single thing that Rachel, our braying Bray-WOWW, said? You probably can’t, because Rachel is the Big Brother equivalent of Flipper. She’s the loudest squealer and the star, but …READ MORE

Big Brother Recap: Miniature Loss


We arrived at tonight’s episode of Big Brother thinking three things: 1) Keith isn’t sane enough to win, 2) Porsche is alarmingly hapless (like, Selma Blair-in-Cruel Intentions hapless), and 3) …READ MORE