Bachelor's Booted Ashley Ponders Date With Bachelorette! Plus What Made Her Cry, 'Ugh'?

The Bachelor‘s dancing dentist, Ashley Hebert, was sent packing this week after a final date that was so uncomfortable, even she had to avert her eyes!

But during our post-elimination chat, the 26-year-old weighed in on a possible date with The Bachelorette, the “demise” of her relationship with Brad Womack and why she’s actually OK with it. …READ MORE

The Bachelor Recap: Ken Doll Goes to Vegas

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t ABC’s intention to have Brad Womack, current leading man of its Bachelor franchise, outfitted like a live-action Ken Doll this week, but each of his three dates conjured up the idea that the drawling hunk of plastic was nothing more than a blank canvas onto which a variety of fantasies could be projected. (Hey, if the Mattel shoe fits…) …READ MORE

The Bachelor Recap: One Woman Goes Home (Gasp!) Voluntarily

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor kicked off with Chantal O. explaining that this season’s crop of lovetestants can be divvied up among two groups: “Normals” and “Crazies.” I’m not quite sure who falls into the former group, but before we recap the action, how about some words of wisdom from Chris Harrison? “When you get time with [Brad], use it wisely.” Hear that, ladies? It doesn’t matter if you can still smell your bunkmate’s strawberry-flavored lip gloss on the Bachelor’s lips, when he goes in for a kiss, you’d better submit! …READ MORE