Reader Wish List: 30 Actors From Cancelled Series You Want Back on TV Now!

Cancellation makes the heart grow fonder — at least that was the take-home message from the comments section of TVLine’s gallery titled “30 Actors from Recently Cancelled Series We Want Back on TV Now.”

Indeed, while you concurred that the future is bleak without the likes of Jasika Nicole, Sela Ward and Megan Hilty on your screens, you also weren’t shy about …READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS


Exclusive Body of Proof Video: Megan Has Some Arresting Competition for Tommy

Does Body of Proof‘s Megan need to get her claws out?

In the following exclusive video from Tuesday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c), pretty, sports-loving Officer Riley Dunn (guest star Marisa Ramirez) makes it known that she has eyes for the medical examiner’s partner/ex Tommy, and she’s marking her territory! READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Exclusive Body of Proof Video: Megan Calls Upon Luke Perry to Investigate... Zombies?

On next Tuesday’s Body of Proof (ABC, 10/9c), a series of rabies-related fatalities forces Megan to recruit Luke Perry’s new health commissioner Dr. Stafford in her search for the truth. We’ve got your exclusive first look as the two reteam to solve the (possibly undead) case. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Exclusive Body of Proof Video: Megan's Ex Saves Her Life, But Destroys Her [Spoiler]

On next Tuesday’s Body of Proof (ABC, 10/9c), mortal danger lurks when the team investigates the death of a mobster’s son. As you can see in the following exclusive video, Megan and her colleagues have good reason to fear for their lives when they almost become the latest victims of a sniper. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Body of Proof Sneak Peek: Mark Valley Delivers a Blast from Megan's Past

When ABC’s Body of Proof premieres its rejiggered Season 3 next Tuesday at 10/9c, among the new faces is one all-too-familiar to Dr. Megan Hunt — belonging as it does to the man who years ago broke her heart, police detective Tommy Sullivan (played by Human Target‘s Mark Valley). Here’s a first look at the ex-lovers’ partially unexpected reunion. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO