CBS 'Announces' Dancing On the Stars Series, Poking Fun at Big Brother/Glass House Feud

It’s rare that the major networks let their hair down and have some fun, so we are compelled to share this satirical press release issued by CBS, announcing a new series called Dancing On the Stars — a “completely original reality program that owes its concept… to nobody at all.”

The “announcement” of course comes in the midst of …READ MORE

Big Brother Finale Recap: We Have a Winner! And Some Issues!

Hours after Big Brother’s 13th season came to a glittery conclusion, I still feel like I’m standing on the gigantic butter churn, waiting alongside Rachel, Porsche and Adam both for strength and for the stench of gurgling dairy to fade. It’s rare that any BB ending feels perfect, but I think we arrived at a solution that (at the very least) seems appropriate. It’s just that it stinks, too. Like bubbling lactose. Spoiler immediately after the break. READ MORE

Big Brother Recap: Into the HOHmestretch

Now that you’ve (presumably) watched Thursday night’s final P.O.V. competition of the season and whooped as the fourth-place finisher sauntered off to Chenbot’s Nook, tell me: Does this all-too-tame season suddenly feel as exhausting to you as it does to me? READ MORE