Exclusive Ben and Kate Video: Watch Ben's Full Anti-Crying Breakdown in This Director's Cut

Remember the end of last week’s Ben and Kate, when the titular brother unsuccessfully (but hilariously) fought back tears after his sis bestowed upon him the medal he’d thrown out as a kid? Well, we’ve gotten our hands on an exclusive director’s cut of the scene — and just wait until you see …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Exclusive Video: New Girl's Schmidt Vs. Ben and Kate's BJ in a Fight to the Death!

Who’s the bigger trainwreck: New Girl‘s thinks-he’s-fly-for-a-white-guy Schmidt or Ben and Kate‘s spicy girl BJ?

You don’t have to wonder much longer, because we’ve got some exclusive video that decides the matter once and for all, Mortal Kombat-style. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO