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Mark Pellegrino Previews The Closer's New Legal Nightmare and Talks Of Being Human Again


"Fresh Pursuit" / Ep 710"


Ph: Karen Neal

This Monday on The Closer‘s winter finale (TNT, 9/8c), Gavin Q. Baker III may decide that working pro bono for the LAPD isn’t worth any amount of courtroom infamy, when yet another twist in the “Shootin’ Newton” case puts him and Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson even more on the defensive. In this exclusive TVLine Q&A, Mark Pellegrino spoke about …READ MORE

Syfy Sets Dates for Being Human Season 2, Lost Girl Premiere and 3 Series' Christmas Specials


Did you hear the one about the werewolf, the ghost and the vampire? Well, unlikely roommates Josh, Sally and Aidan will return on Monday, Jan. 16, 2012, when Syfy premieres Season 2 of Being Human.

The sophomore series’ return date was but one in a flurry of announcements the cabler made on Tuesday.

Syfy also revealed that … READ MORE

Exclusive: Being Human Brings Back [Spoiler]!

BEING HUMAN -- Season: 1 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sam Huntington as Josh, Meaghan Rath as Sally, Sam Witwer as Aidan -- Photo by: Jill Greenberg/Syfy

When it comes to Being Human, being most sincerely dead apparently isn’t enough to keep someone from taking part in Season 2 of the Syfy series. READ MORE

Dollhouse Alum Vamps for Syfy's Being Human

DOLLHOUSE: Dichen Lachman as Sierra.  DOLLHOUSE focuses on a secret organization that employs "Actives" -- a group of operatives who have their memories and personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with new ones, allowing them to take on various missions for hire. The Actives don't just act like new people, they become new people, yet they are never aware they are pawns in someone else's game on DOLLHOUSE airing midseason on FOX. ©2008 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Kurt Iswarienko/FOX

Burgeoning genre-TV queen Dichen Lachman has found something new to sink her teeth into — the role of a bloodsucker, on Being Human.

The exotic onetime Dollhouse denizen is joining the Syfy drama in the series regular role of … READ MORE