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Bachelor Pad Season Finale: Which 'Couple' 'Deserves' to 'Win'?


I know, I know, I might as well be asking you to watch eight cockroaches wrestling for a discarded chunk of frankfurter on a New York City subway platform and forcing you to choose which two are most worthy of getting their nibble on. But for those of you who, like myself, have been inexplicably addicted to Season 2 of ABC’s Bachelor Pad, I’m guessing …READ MORE AND VOTE

TVLine Items: Pompeo Game for More Grey's, Regis' Live Finale, GH Wedding Peek, and More


Grey’s Anatomy fans, take heart: Ellen Pompeo — whom you know well and love as Seattle Grace’s Meredith Grey — has revealed that Season 8 of the ABC medical drama will not necessarily not be her last. READ MORE

Bachelor Pad Recap: Rose From the Dead

BACHELOR PAD - "Episode 205" - On the next episode of ABC's "Bachelor Pad," MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET), the contestants must couple up to compete as couples for the remainder of the season, beginning with this week's challenge -- the "Nearly-wed Game" -- which tests how well the pairs know each other. (ABC/RICK ROWELL)

Memo to residents of Bachelor Pad: No means no. And regardless of how unjust you think it is, said rule applies even in instances where the object of your advances: …READ MORE

Bachelor Pad Recap: Oral Dilemma

BACHELOR PAD - "Episode 204" - The housemates strategize to take down the power couple in the house, MONDAY, AUGUST 29 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on ABC's "Bachelor Pad." Meanwhile, a new guy has easily emerged as the most unpopular guy in the pad, and one woman shows her true colors. This week's challenge is a "Bachelor Pad" viewer favorite, the "Kissing Challenge." Each guy will kiss the women -- and vice versa -- then vote on who has the "best lips" in the pad. The winners will be treated to one-on-one dates - the first of the season. (ABC/GREG ZABILSKI)

As the number of morally compromised, fame-hungry lunatics diminishes each week on Bachelor Pad, inanimate objects must step up and bring the entertainment. On this week’s episode, for example, an electric toothbrush and a yogurt cup provided stellar supporting work that was at least as interesting as the exhausting “will they or won’t they” romantic drama between Michael and Holly. Let’s recap the action: …READ MORE

Bachelor Pad Photo Recap: Swim Pickings


“I find it entertaining, and it’s almost like I’m in disbelief that one person could really be so crazy,” declared suddenly entertaining Erica, watching Melissa’s nervous breakdown, on Monday night’s episode of Bachelor Pad. The tiara-sporting contestant’s statement pretty much sums up my feelings about every person, every word, and every interaction that exists on ABC’s compellingly awful famewhoreasbord. And so, even though I’m on vacation, I feel compelled to post some kind of recap, if for no other reason than to confirm that, yes, Bachelor Pad is real, and not just a figment of my waking nightmares. …READ MORE

Bachelor Pad Recap: Monsters Inked!

BACHELOR PAD - "Episode 202" - After the shocking events of the Season Premiere, Kasey and Vienna continue to aim the target at Jake Pavelka's back, MONDAY, AUGUST 15 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on ABC's "Bachelor Pad." In the second challenge, "Target on My Back," each woman will be asked a series of questions, for example, "Who's least deserving of the $250,000?" She'll answer by throwing paint-soaked balls at a target on one of the guy' backs; points will be allotted for each target hit. Then the men will turn the tables on the women, and the man and woman accumulating the most points will be declared winners of the challenge. Awaiting the winners are 3-on-1 dates to a haunted hospital or a night on a private yacht, while the other contestants plot, manipulate and connive their way to avoid being voted off. (ABC/GREG ZABILSKI)

If you happened to watch Monday night’s installment of Bachelor Pad, you may have come away from the episode asking, “Am I any better than people who watch two roosters or two pit bulls getting thrown into pit to tear each other limb from limb?”

Fret not, reality TV junkies, the answer to that question is …READ MORE

Bachelor Pad Recap: Sleaze the Day!


Welcome back to Bachelor Pad, a squelching cesspool of amorality, intellectual rot, and abject horror where wannabe celebrities come to play for the chance to take home a cash prize that’s more than double what they hand out to the winner of Project Runway.

But before the scheming, crying, flesh baring, and inappropriate touching begin,

TVLine Items: Jersey Shore's Boozy Italy Video, Two New AMC Returns, Thrones Casting, More!


Poor Italy. MTV has released its first full-length preview of Jersey Shore‘s Season 4 trip abroad (premiering Thursday, Aug. 4), and there are just no words.

Snooki & Co. certainly put little to no effort into treating the European country with the respect it deserves, but if it’s Shore antics you want, it’s Shore antics you’ll get. READ MORE

TVLine Items: Idol's Randy Jackson Wants to Talk, Bachelor Pad Lands New Man, and More!


Is America ready for the Dawg to dominate daytime TV? Randy Jackson thinks so. READ MORE

TVLine Items: Baddies Fill New Bachelor Pad, Dempsey Talks Grey's Fate, and More TV News

Fall TV Preview

ABC’s Bachelor Pad returns with its second season on August 8, and in addition to the buzzy and previoulsy reported reunion of hostile ex-lovahs Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, a few fan-hated Bachelor and Bachelorette villains are getting in on the money-grubbing action. READ MORE