Fringe Scoop: Anna Torv Tackles the Peter Question and Her Own Big Season 4 Dilemma

It is the question that’s been driving Fringe fans bat-you-know-what crazy all summer long: Is Joshua Jackson’s Peter gone for good?!

I suspect we’ll get some kind of answer on Saturday afternoon, when the Fox drama holds its Comic-Con session. Until then, check out the video Q&A I conducted with leading lady Anna Torv at TVLine’s interview suite on Friday as there may be some clues. (Emphasis on may.) WATCH VIDEO


Eye on Emmy: How Fringe's Anna Torv Finds the Reality Amid the Unreal

As FBI agent Olivia Dunham, Fringe’s Anna Torv this past season loved and lost a man, endured a difficult pregnancy, and cheated death all but one time. Complementing the spectacular conceits of dual universes, duplicate selves, accelerated gestation periods and time-jumps, the drama quotient remained high as well, with this formidable female often feeling – literally — the weight of our world on her shoulders. Perhaps it’s time for Emmy voters to see past the Fox series’ fantasy elements and give props to the Aussie actress who delivers the fantastic week after week. READ MORE


Fringe Exclusive: Anna Torv Shares Her Take On a Very Spocking Twist

Viewers of Fox’s Fringe (Fridays at 9/8c) were left to utterly geek out at the close of last week’s episode, when William Bell’s “soul magnets” theory proved legit, and the late great scientist inhabited Olivia’s body.

Make no mistake, Anna Torv herself was agog when she first learned of the twist – one that forced into her repertoire a third Fringe characterization. “This is not one I had been asking for!” the actress admits with a laugh. READ MORE

Fringe Bosses: There's More To the Rest of Season Than Peter, the Olivias and The Machine

If it seems too simple that the final 10 episodes of Fringe‘s third season will revolve around Peter, the two Olivias and the ultimate purpose of The Machine… well, that’s because it absolutely is. “We’re full of wrinkles,” executive producer Jeff Pinkner promises TVLine. “We’re like a pair of corduroy pants.”

One wrinkle the size of the San Andreas fault comes at the end of this Friday’s episode … READ MORE


Exclusive: Fringe Welcomes Home Olivia's Wicked Stepfather!

As if you needed another reason to follow Fringe to its new Friday time slot, sources confirm to me exclusively that later this season, producers are planning to introduce a new Big Bad — perhaps the largest, worst Big Bad of them all: Olivia’s abusive (and never-before-seen) stepfather.

As you know, a 9-year-old Olivia — tired of watching her stepdad mercilessly beat her mother — shot and nearly killed the evil-doer. He eventually disappeared to parts unknown but has continued to send her cryptic messages every year on her birthday. What brings him back into the fold? And better yet, who should play the MIA monster? Let’s leave the first Q to the producers and the second one to Mr. Armchair Casting Director (that’s me!). …READ MORE