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New and Classic 'Nikitas,' Criminal Minds and CSI: NY Ladies in Day 8 of 'Crime-Fighting Crushes'


We’ve reached the final day of Round 1 matchups in our Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament and we’ve got sexy detectives, FBI profilers, butt-kicking superspies, and at least one character with a terrible diet. …READ MORE & VOTE

CSI: NY Preview: 'Lindsay Stands By Her Man!'


This Friday’s installment of CSI: NY (CBS, 9/8c) finds Danny in some serious trouble, and who better to come to the rescue than his better half?

TVLine was on set for the CBS hit’s standout episode, and spoke to Carmine Giovinazzo and Anna Belknap about Lindsay’s newfound strength and the shocking turn of events that (eventually) leads …READ MORE & WATCH CLIP

Exclusive Sneak Peek: CSI: NY's Danny and Lindsay Get Their Crime-Scene Flirt On


Calling all Danny/Lindsay fans! TVLine has obtained an exclusive sneak peek of this Friday’s CSI: NY, and there is some major flirtage going on between the newly-promoted sergeant and his detective wife. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

CSI: NY Video Exclusive: Danny and Lindsay and Lucy, Oh My!


Hmm, are there any fans of CSI: NY lovebirds Danny and Lindsay out there? Oh wait, there are about a zillion of you — and that is why I’m thrilled to deliver this exclusive sneak peek of this Friday’s Messer-centric episode of the CBS drama. And get extra-excited because it also involves little Lucy. …WATCH VIDEO & READ MORE